NAVY spaanse gespschoen Canvas T-bar shoe

NAVY spaanse gespschoen Canvas T-bar shoe

Adorable Spanish T-Bar Shoes with Clasp
One of our all-time favourites! This lovely little shoe is the perfect footwear starting at baby’s first steps! The soles are made from super flexible rubber, especially important for those little feet, that require a bit more practice. Combined with the sturdy cotton outer shell: voilà, excellent shoes for getting into the walking game. 

Another perk.. the shoes are super attractively priced, so a growth spurt or two will not get your laces in a knot!


  • Please note! The shoes tend to have quite a snug fit, therefore we advise you to thoroughly measure the feet in question: best practice here is standing upright, from heel to toe. Check our measuring table below! A little extra growth space never hurts, but we advise no more than 0,5 to 1 cm! This benefits growing kid’s feet; shoes that seem to fit perfectly are usually too small already. So check-check-double check, this should leave you with an outcome of one size up from the current size. When in doubt… send us a message or order two sizes, so you’re sure to have the right size!
  • Order 1 size up, really!
  • For boys and girls! 
  • Practically all-season: Spring, Summer, Fall, and well, Winter when worn indoors!
  • 100% cotton
  • Rubber soles
  • You can wash them, how about that! They’ll come out as new, at 30 degrees
  • Made in Spain. Caramba!

Size   Footbed inside
19   11,2 cm
20   11,7 cm
21   12,2 cm
22   12,8 cm
23   13,5 cm
24   14,2 cm
25   14,9 cm
26   15,6 cm
27   16,3 cm
28   17,7 cm

& ps. Good to know, PETIT PUK strives to help out where and whenever they can, especially sizewise. So all you need to do, is measure those little feet standing upright and in centimetres. Just to prevent you from disappointment and hassle over having to return your order. But in case you have to return: no problem. Please note, we have to charge you for the shipping cost (€4,95). PETIT PUK is a lovely little boutique, and the shoes are so keenly priced, that we cannot afford to chip in for shipping again We leave that to the big boys in this industry, Zalando and friends..  As a trade off, you can always rely on us for personal guidance and advice. WhatsApp works wonders: +31614287198.

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