Handmade houten hobbelpaard "White"

Handmade houten hobbelpaard "White"

Pure nostalgia. A traditional, wooden rocking horse appeals to everyone’s inner child. A cowboy, a jockey or perhaps some fancy dressage? A rocking horse provides kids with great fun, for hours on end. Not to mention the fact that it looks downright adorable in every interior. The colour, WHITE, never gets old and suits any baby room, from pastel-schemes to more robust interiors; this horsey feels at home in any pasture.
The horse is suitable for ages from nine months up to three years old. And even if the young horsemen and women are done galloping around the room, it is such a decorative and stylish item to adorn the nursery with.  

PETIT PUK started out with a series of vintage, carefully selected and handcrafted rocking horses. And with great success! In fact, it was so successful that we, to be able to meet the demands, had to rethink the entire process. And so we did. We struck up a collaboration with a social workplace, here in the Netherlands. The result? An artisanal, handcrafted rocking horse made from high-quality birch wood and hand-spray painted in four fab colours. So, the good horsey has a good story behind it as well! 

CUSTOMIZE your baby gift with these EXTRA OPTIONS!

S H E E P ’S S K I N  | Your little cowboy or cowgirl sits even more snug with a super soft sheep’s skin! Apart from looking crazy cute, the skins are dirt-resistant, making sure they look their best their entire lifetime. Colours: white or brown lamb or sheep’s skin. Tick the below box to order directly!

B A B Y' S  N A M E  and  D A T E  O F  B I R T H  O N  T H E  H O R S E   |  If you really want to give something special, we are happy to personalize your gift! We apply baby’s name and date of birth on the rocking horse. It is so easy, just write the name and birth date in the comment section upon check-out. Don’t forget to tell us if you wish for a copper, blush pink or baby blue name sign. With or without embossed hearts, tell us all about it and we will fix it!  

C O L O R  | The rocking horse of your dreams, hand-spray painted in any colour you can think of! Just give us the RAL-code of the colour of your choosing and we will take care of the rest. This service is a surplus charge of €30. 

T H E  P R I C E  I N C L U D I N G  A  F E S T I V E  L O O K |  It just doesn’t get any easier: you choose the horse and we make sure it looks fantastically festive! Add a personal card to the mix? Consider it done; just leave your message in the comment field. So little effort, such a splendid gift!

D E L I V ER Y  T I M E |  2-8 workdays, give or take (EU destinations, non-EU destinations may take longer). Are you in a time crunch? Need a quick answer? We are just a mere phone call away. It is, after all, our pleasure to get you your perfect present in time.

S H I P P I N G | Enjoy free shipping in the NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM and GERMANY! For other tariffs, please check out international deliveries, you can find the table upon check-out. 

M E A S U R E M E N T S |  88 (l) x 20(w) x 46(h) cm, packed in a box, with a maximum of 4.5kg.

Any questions? In a hurry? Mail us, day or night, at hello@petitpuk.nl

139 EUR